September 20, 2014 at 8:28pm
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Week 5 Results

So this week I lost .8 kg which has me down to 137.4. I’m pretty happy with the weeks results because I also had my birthday mid week which involved cake and wine and very good whiskey. This, of course, resulted in a gout flare up which meant no MMA on Thursday, boo hiss. On the plus side though, I found I could, not only still do DDPYoga but it actually helps relieve some of the pain from the gout and seems to warm up the ankle which makes it easier to walk and such throughout the day. :)

September 16, 2014 at 6:57pm
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By ScarletGothica

Shmexy death mmmm


By ScarletGothica

Shmexy death mmmm

September 13, 2014 at 8:10pm
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Week 4 results

So this has been a good week, 2 kg lost which means I’m down to 138.2. Who knew work would be conducive to weight loss?  Apparently the stress of sitting in an office filled with idiots and nincompoops helps.

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Week 3 

Another week, another kilo and a bit.
I have now list a total of 3.6 kg so I am steadily on track at this early stage to reach my goal of losing 45.45 kg within 1 year. :)

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Week 2 results

This week I’m down to 141.6 kg. So that’s a loss of 900 g which is pretty good. I haven’t been very good on the diet this week, there was carrot cake in the house, so I’m satisfied with that. I’ll refocus for the week ahead and try for a better number next Sunday.

August 27, 2014 at 7:15am
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Titanic be like

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first week results

So after 1 week of the new exercise/food plan I’ve lost 1.3 kg. So that’s good. Only 44.15 to go.

The new plan is DDP Yoga 6 days a week and MMA/BJJ twice a week foe exercise and reduced servings sizes and minimal carbs/gluten/lactose in the diet. It’s a kind of paleo style thing.

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So I’ve decided to give blogging a go in a spur of the moment, shower decision. I’m not sure if I’ll do this more than once or what. Its partly to keep a track of my decision to try and lose weight and be healthy. So I have some record, just in case I turn out to be one of those before and after people this time rather than my previous trys. Its also partly because I’ve heard time and again that journalling is a good way to deal with your emotions and get stuff out of your system. So if you are reading this somewhere you can partially blame Paul Gilmartin and the Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast :) .

So to begin I’ll do the “Previously On” part of my story. I turn 40 in about 3 weeks, I’m divorced with 2 daughters who I love very much and am really good friends with my ex wife. I work full time and live with my parents who are in their 70’s. I would like to say it’s so I can be there if something happens as they are getting on but its mostly because I’m just too damn comfortable to leave. It is also good for me to live in a house with other people because I am mostly a fairly introverted person and that combined with minor depression tends to lead to isolating and then spiraling downwards if I live alone.

I enjoy reading, cooking, eating (a whole lot), watching pro wrestling,doing martial arts, music mostly pop and punk but also a wide variety of eclectic weirdness and just generally being fairly nerdy/geeky. I don’t really call myself a nerd because I feel that I don’t have the passion for anything that being a nerd suggests. Basically I’m just a smart arse who doesn’t really commit to anything out of some vague fear that I’ll be expected to produce some form of result, but if I stay slightly detached I can always just wash off my failure as “well it wasn’t really that important anyway”

That ‘s about enough for now I think. If I do this again I might say more or add photos or who knows.

August 12, 2014 at 5:19pm
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